Monitord - system monitoring daemon

Monitord is a compact Perl-based tool for watching the health of UNIX systems. Monitord monitors the local system by watching the process table, load average figures, the amount of free space in file systems, and the output of custom monitoring scripts.

Monitord is not tied to any system management framework (e.g., HP OpenView), and executes custom commands for producing its output. Therefore, monitord can be plugged in to any existing monitoring framework - provided the framework has a reasonable API -, or used as a standalone tool.

Monitord's configuration file resembles the configuration file of the Net-SNMP agent, except a number of additional parameters. However, unlike any SNMP agent, monitord does not have to be polled for getting results, but it rather produces asynchronous output events which is a more scalable approach. Monitord is also able to generate periodic keepalive events, so its own health can be monitored by another applicaton.

For more information, read the output of monitord --help.

Monitord is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL, with the latest version being 1.95.

In order to install monitord, copy the 'monitord' file from the distribution to the appropriate directory.